Crystal Elderfish Boss: Krakhammer


Ahoy Space-Huntsman! We’re announcing first official boss of the Crystal Biome, Krakhammer! Krakhammer is an elderfish relative of the Icecrusher enemy, but with three eyes, two mouths, and a deadly jigsaw head covered in sharp crystal protrusions. Let’s not forget he’s utterly massive! The Boss Battle Experience In Blacksea Odyssey, boss battle’s involve deadly encounter’s which vile […]

Blacksea Odyssey Procedural Level Generation


Blacksea Odyssey Procedural Level Generation   (Our alpha level generation  – CLICK IT to see the GIPH)   Our level generation primarily relies on Unity’s powerful parenting system. We match this system with our own procedural level generation algorithms. Each structure that is created is actually a list of children being parented, set and then rotated […]

Three New Crystal Drake Enemies!


Ahoy Space-Huntsman! We’re announcing new enemies of the Crystal Drake genome – the last genome of enemies that can be found in the Crystal biome! The Crystal Drake enemies draw inspiration from the oriental dragon – despite it not resembling it too strongly visually. The Crystal Drake genome consists of the Crystal Spitter, the Crystal […]

Three New Puffer Enemies!


Ahoy Space-Huntsman! We’re announcing new enemies of the Puffer genome! The Puffer enemies draw inspiration from the puffer fish, but with some interesting twists. The Puffer genome consists of the Puffling, the Puffer, and the Frost Puffer. The Puffling The quick and sneaky Puffling respresent the smallest of the Puffer genome. They zig-zag around the […]

Three new fish and a boss chosen by you!


Ahoy Space-Huntsman! It’s been a while since we’ve written a major update about our game so we have plenty of information to share with you! Three new fish designs, procedural level generation, a new team of full time Blacksea Odyssey Developers and a new boss chosen by you!?!!   The Ice-Charger Genome The Ice-Chargers represent the […]

First Look: Hunting Spears Unveiled!


The main character’s weapon of choice is the spear! You will be able to unlock several spears and customize their stats with runes. They will have names of famous spears in history or mythology. HELP US OUT – Which spears do you like or dislike? Do the shapes look good? How about the colors?

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