Crystal Elderfish Boss: Glasslasher


Ahoy Space-Huntsman! Before we give our development update, we’d like to thank everyone that has registered for the Alpha so far! We’re flattered by how excited everyone is for the Alpha. We have a big surprise that we can’t wait for everyone to see!.. or should I say fight? 0.o This week, we’re announcing Blacksea Odyssey‘s second official […]

Interview with Dbazi


Ahoy Spacehuntsman! We did an interview on Blacksea Odyssey with Donyaye Bazi from the Iranian gaming site, Dbazi. If you happen to be able to read Persian, you can read the original article on their site. Without further ado, enjoy! A brief intro from Donyaye Bazi to the reader: The surface of our beloved and beautiful Earth, is […]

Introducing The Four Great Huntsman


Ahoy Space-Huntsman! We’d like to introduce you to the four Great Huntsman! These four will be competing in the Blacksea Odyssey competition to earn the right to kill the Titanfish. The contestants include the cybernetic Old Man, the foul Xezemoth, the feared Rade “Crazy Eyes” Lawson, and the dazzling Emerald Jones! From left to right: […]

Three New Slithering Enemies!


Joining Blacksea Odyssey’s Thunderclap! *If you just want to read the latest development update, you can skip this. We have an announcement coming up and would like you to help us spread the word by joining our Thunderclap. It takes a few seconds and goes a long way! You can choose to support via Facebook, […]

The Top Four Features of Blacksea Odyssey


Ahoy, Spacehuntsman! We decided to write an article on our favorite four features of Blacksea Odyssey. You’ll hear us throw around the descriptors “top-down shoot ’em up” and “rogue-lite” quite a bit. Today we’re going to delve deep into what we consider the top four features that make our top-down shoot ’em up/rogue-lite so cool. […]

What Would a Space Desert Look Like?


Ahoy, Spacehuntsman! One of the difficult design challenges we’ve faced has been making space not feel monotonous. Imagine playing Blacksea Odyssey and every level actually be like space.. You know.. stars, asteroids and black. Sounds super fun, right (sarcasm)? To address this monotony, we’ve decide to create our own “space biomes.” So far, you’ve all seen the Crystal biome. […]

How to make quality game content with 7 steps


Several people have asked us about our creative process. I decided to write a blog post on how we generate game content. While the example in this blog post refers specifically to designing enemies, this process can be generally applied to any type of game content. This includes mechanics, levels, narrations, characters, etc. Here’s a […]

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