Check out these Desert Elderfish, companions of the Kingfish Cthulhu!

Ahoy, spacehuntsman! Since Steam Early Access launch, we’ve been hustling to update the game each week with brand new space behemoths to hunt, runic technologies to unearth, and ancient spears to unlock! Not to mention we’ve added two unlockable characters: the fierce bounty hunter Rade Lawson and the razzlin’ dazzlin Emerald Jones!

While we’re certainly still working hard on the remaining content, we thought that it’d be nice to write a post about the Desert elderfish bosses and their kingfish Cthulhu!

Queen Verminess

Queen Verminess, the mother and ruler of all of the beetle species, has massive blade-like pincers capable of slicing the largest of moons in half with a single slash.

King Dreadnaught

King Dreadnaught reigns over the Erakno Destroyer species with ruthless tyranny. His vast arsenal of web-spewing cannons can drape an entire planet, suffocating it’s inhabitants while smothering their screams.


Rackjaw is the eldest ancestor of the Sandchawer species. He has great renown throughout the galaxy by space-creatures and space-huntsman alike for being the fastest creature to roam the Blacksea. He’s gnawing pincers can dig through planets causing them to crumble to dust.

Adaea the Weaver

Adaea the Weaver is the mother of all of the Erakno Trailers. Her endless trail of webs litters the furthest, uncharted corners of the Blacksea galaxy. When the planet-beings first tried to send larger spaceships into the Blacksea, it was Adaea who wrapped them all in a covetous net of webs and devoured them for all to see.


Vilemoth is the last of an ancient breed of asterfish long extinct. The scythe-like blades upon it’s monstrous head have scarred not only the densest of planets, but also the great and mighty Titan of the Stars itself. Vilemoth’s Dust Storm of Death has wiped out entire civilizations, burying them beneath mountains of sand.


Cthulhu is kingfish to all of the Desert asterfish. Legend says that Cthulhu’s formed his children in his boiling stomach acids, then spit them out. Many believe that Cthulhu smashed a great and ancient star with his bare hands, causing an explosion so large that it destroyed the former universe and created the current one.

Again, we update the game weekly so if you haven’t picked up your copy of Blacksea Odyssey, head over to our Steam page to do so!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy hunting these recently added celestial colossals!

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