Blacksea Odyssey Beta Build Released! New Jungle Biome & More Bosses!

The Blacksea Odyssey beta build has been sent to all $25 and up Kickstarter backers – so check your emails! You’ll LOVE the progress we’ve made!

If you missed our Kickstarter, you can still Pre-Order Blacksea Odyssey!

Thanks so much to everyone that downloaded our alpha demo and provided us with feedback and bug reports! We had a total of over 6,250 downloads!

With your help, we aggregated, analyzed, and applied all of the feedback to Blacksea Odyssey to make it even more fun!

In addition to tons of bug fixing and balancing, we’ve added so much including the Jungle biome, 10+ new enemies, 3+ new bosses, and 20+ new items!


Crystal Boss and eldest member of the Icepiercer Genome


Jungle Boss and eldest member of the Shelled Squid Genome

Belch Brothers

Jungle Boss and eldest member of the Croaker Genome

Audio Updates

Let’s not forget the brilliant work of our sound designer Eric Hamel and our musician Earl Divinagracia! You can obviously hear both of their amazing work in-game, but we figured we’d tease one of Earl’s new songs here:

Lastly, you all already know to send bug reports and feedback to:

We’ll also have weekly polls, but more on that later! We’re looking forward to seeing what you think of all the fresh content! Don’t forget to follow our Website, Facebook, and Twitter!

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