New Squid-like, Poison Spitting Jungle Enemies!

Ahoy Space-Huntsmen! We hope everyone had a great holiday season! We’re glad to be back to work after a long Kickstarter campaign. Thanks to you, we raised $12,300 which will help us finish the game!

We’d also like to thank everyone that has contributed feedback. We’ve been fortunate that tons of people reached out via Twitter, Facebook, email, and the contact form to share their thoughts and ideas about Blacksea Odyssey. We’ve been hard at work tweaking the game according to this feedback, but we’re going to spend this blog post talking about a jungle enemy genome that we have yet to touch on – the Shelled Squid genome. :)

The Shelled Squid Genome

Now we’d like to introduce to you three new enemies of the Shelled Squid genome which can be found in the Tropical biome! Shelled Squids draw inspiration from squids and hermit crabs! The Shelled Squid genome consists of the Shelled Squidlet, the Shelled Hulksquid, and the Shelled Megasquid.

The Shelled Squidlet

Shelled Squidlets navigate around their prey by firing poison projectiles which propel them forward, shell first. This enables them to make abrupt strides across the screen, allow them to catch the player off-guard. Depending on the player’s position, Shelled Squidlets attack by either firing a poison projectile at the player, or trying to ram the player with it’s thorned shell. They’re smaller and quicker than other Shelled Squids, making them more dangerous in packs.

The Shelled Hulksquid

Shelled Hulksquids share many similarities with their smaller, Shelled Squidlet kin. The major difference revolves around size. Shelled Hulksquids have larger bodies, larger shells, and fire larger poison projectiles. Their large strides across the screen can be more invasive to the player, especially when already in combat with other enemies. Thankfully, it’s less common for Shelled Hulksquids to travel in packs.

The Shelled Megasquid

Shelled Megasquids are the most dangerous of the Shelled Squids genome. They function similarly to the Shelled Squidlets and Shelled Hulksquids in both movement and attack patterns. However, Shelled Megasquids have three pores from which they fire poison projectiles as supposed to only one. They’re also angled slightly, giving it’s ranged attack a spread effect. Furthermore, the three pores can fire both simultaneously and randomly – making for a more unpredictable attack pattern.

Thanks for reading and hope you’re looking forward to fighting these squid-like, poison spitting creatures! Don’t forget to follow our Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Website for more information.

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  1. that looks awesome! when will the game be finished?

  2. Hey Finni, the game will be finished by Summer :)

    Early Access will be in March!

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