Enchanted Enemies System Explained

Ahoy, Space-Hunstman! Today we’re going to explain Blacksea Odyssey‘s enchanted enemies system which basically involves special, more deadly versions of pre-existing enemy types, including bosses. These buffed enemies have increased stats and a special ability depending on the type of enchantment the enemy has.

Enchanted Enemies


Enchanted enemies offer the player a more unique and challenging encounter because they have increased size, health, damage and speed as well as a special ability depending on their type of enchantment. The following are only some of the possible enchantments an enemy might have. Think you can handle an enchanted enemy? How about an enchanted boss?

Berserker Enchanted

In addition to starting with increased size, health, damage, and speed like other enchanted enemies, the berserker enchanted enemy get’s even stronger as it loses health. As a berserker enchanted enemy loses health, it grows larger in size, travels quicker, and it’s attacks deal more damage – making it more deadly as the battle progresses.

Fire Enchanted

Unlike berserker enchanted enemies, fire enchanted enemies have a consistent ability that the player must consistently be on the lookout for as soon as engaging the enemy. Periodically, fire enchanted enemies emit several fireballs that spiral around the enemy until they eventually go off screen – only for another batch of fireballs to be released. The only way to end with vicious cycle of fireball spawning is to kill the fire enchanted enemy.

Ice Enchanted

Ice enchanted enemies function similarly to fire enchanted enemeis in that they too have a consistent ability that the player must avoid. Whenever ice enchanted enemies move, it leaves behind a trail of frost which both damages and slows the player. The only time ice enchanted enemies don’t spawn a frost trail is when they’re not moving or moving very little. The lifespan of the trail makes it difficult to pursue fleeing enemies or enemies with movement patterns that an entrap the player.

Poison Enchanted

Poison enchanted enemies function differently from the previous enchanted enemy types because these enemies ability only triggers when the player attacks the enemy. Whenever the player attacks a poison enchanted enemy with a spear or the harpoon, a poison projectile fires out in the direction the player’s projectile came from – which usually means the player’s direction. It’s best to combat poison enchanted enemies from afar as to avoid running into these poison projectiles.

We have plans for many more enchanted enemy times and would also love to hear your own enchantment ideas! Please feel free to comment giving feedback, suggestions, or ideas that can make our enchantment system more appealing!

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  1. Love these features, makes it more challenging. Cant wait to see what you guys come up with next.

  2. blackseaodyssey says: -#1

    Thanks Tom! Wait until you fight an enchanted/elite boss if you haven’t already. xP

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