Last week of Kickstarter Campaign + New Kickstarter Video + New Jungle Enemies

Ahoy Space-Huntsmen! Our Kickstarter campaign has been going better than we could of hoped for. With only 4 days left we’re nearly 90% funded. At the current rate we’re confident that we can finish our campaign successfully but will need your support to get there.

We decided to make this video about a day in the life of Team Blacksea Odyssey for the last week of the campaign. Share, like, and comment on it!

A Day in the Life of Team Blacksea Odyssey

The Croaker Genome

Now we’d like to introduce to you three new enemies of the Croaker genome which can be found in the Tropical biome! Croakers draw inspiration from frogs, toads, and other lilly pod hopping Amphibian! The croaker genome consists of the Skittish Leap-Frog, the Thorned Tri-Frog, and the Whaletongue Bull-Frog.

The Skittish Leap-Frog

Leap-Frogs bounce around their prey frantically trying to find an opening to attack. Inside their tongues are glands full of poisons that deal deadly blows to their enemies. In groups, the Leap-Frogs can create a grave threat as they hop from location to location all the while attempting to stick you with their deadly tongues.

The Thorned Tri-Frog

The Thorned Tri-Frog is something of an abnormality among it’s kin. With it’s multiple heads each acting independently of one another, it can sometimes be difficult to tell when it will lash out next! Like it’s smaller sibling the Leap-Frog, Tri-Frog tongues are also jam packed with poison. A slap from one of these tongues will heavily damage most huntsmen.

The Whaletongued Bull-Frog

The Whaletongued Bull-Frog is a massive monstrosity among croakers! It leaps about the battlefield with elegant ease, carefully blanketing space with it’s massive body. When it finally lands, it unleashes it’s whale-like tongue in a reckless furry, destroying everything that comes within it’s path! Watch out for this great Tropical beast. Encountering one of them may be your last time in the Blacksea, hunstmen!

Join our Thunderclap for the Final 48 Hour Push!

For the final 48 hours of our campaign we’re launching a thunderclap to raise awareness of our kickstarter campaign. A really easy way to help support our project is to join our thunderclap campaign. Simply click the link below and click the red button then choose which social media outlets you would like to support our project with.

Thanks again for reading huntsmen and will see you next time in the Blacksea!

For more information check us out on our Kickstarter page here.

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