Harpoon Enormous Space Creatures to Shreds in Blacksea Odyssey’s Free Alpha Demo

Free Alpha Demo Now Available

November 3, 2015 – Orlando, FloridaTeam Blacksea Odyssey announces the release of the free Blacksea Odyssey Alpha Demo – for Windows, Mac, and Linux – and their upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Download the Alpha Demo at:

Play as the cybernetic Old Man who has entered the deadliest competition in the galaxy – the Blacksea Odyssey! The game features rogue-like elements, massive boss battles, an expansive customization system, and dynamic combat.

Alpha Demo Content

  • 10+ enemies to hunt in the Blacksea!
  • 75+ items and runes to customize your spear and ship!
  • Two Elderfish bosses as large as your screen!
  • A Kingfish super boss over five times the size of your screen!



Team Blacksea Odyssey has decided it would be in the best interest of the game to pursue crowdsource funding in order to self-publish the title. We plan to launch out Kickstarter campaign next week.

Team Blacksea Odyssey is an American independent game studio based in Orlando, Florida. The team consists of University of Central Florida graduates Peter Milko, Percy Legendre IV, and Sean Pinnock.

A procedurally generated shoot-’em-up with permadeath, Blacksea Odyssey is coming to PC and consoles (TBA) in Spring 2016.

View the Trailer at:

Follow Blacksea Odyssey at:


Press Info
Title: Blacksea Odyssey
Developer: Team Blacksea Odyssey
Publisher: Team Blacksea Odyssey
Genre: Shoot-em-up
Platforms: Win/Mac/Linux, Consoles TBA
Release Date: Spring 2016

Press Assets
For more information, screenshots, logos, and videos, visit our press kit:

Press Contact
Percy Legendre IV

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