Crystal Elderfish Boss: Glasslasher

Ahoy Space-Huntsman! Before we give our development update, we’d like to thank everyone that has registered for the Alpha so far! We’re flattered by how excited everyone is for the Alpha. We have a big surprise that we can’t wait for everyone to see!.. or should I say fight? 0.o

This week, we’re announcing Blacksea Odyssey‘s second official boss of the Crystal Biome, Glasslasher!  If you played our game at OrlandoiX, you may have encountered him already. Glasslasher is an elderfish whose face is shrouded in sharp crystals. He also has three large crystal fins on each side of his body. Let’s not forget he’s larger than Krakhammer!

The Boss Battle Experience

As mentioned before in the Krakhammer post, boss battle’s involve deadly encounter’s with vile creatures of epic proportions. The harpoon mechanic plays a crucial role in boss battle’s because ripping the bosses apart with the harpoon is how the player defeats the boss.

The Glasslasher Encounter

As seen above, Glasslasher’s upper body is completely protected by crystals. He also has a mystical ability which allows him to levitate crystal projectiles, then fire them at the player.

Glasslasher’s weak point is his tail – which the player must rip apart until he can get to his heart.

Like Krakhammer, the environment plays a large role in fighting Glasslasher. His charge usually causes encounter’s to take place across large portions of the map – especially since he has massive crystal fins. The environment can also make it difficult to attack Glasslasher’s tail when Glasslasher fleas through environmental structures.

Playtesting at OrlandoiX

Originally, we were worried about conveyance. We were concerned that it would take players awhile to realize that they had to attack his tail, but people seemed to catch on quick. People also seemed to like Glasslasher’s projectile-based attack in which he levitates then fires crystal shards. However, we did find that his movement looked a bit odd. He sometimes rotated too quickly and glided either sideways or backwards. We plan on addressing his general movement to look and feel more fluid.

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