Three New Desert Enemies That You Don’t Want Underneath Your Bed!

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Ahoy Space-Huntsman! We’re announcing new enemies for Blacksea Odyssey. These enemies are of the Beetle genome – a genome of enemies that can be found in the Desert biome! The Beetle enemies draw inspiration from beetles, roaches, and other insects! The Beetle genome consists of Beetlings, the Beetle Warrior, the Beetle Queen, and the Beetle King.

The Beetlings

Beetlings relentlessly chase after the player in packs. While individually these beetlings won’t offer much of a challenge, they often group together and work alongside other larger beetles in order to win the battle. Fighting these enemies alongside other groups of enemies will require tactical thinking.

The Beetle Warrior

Unlike the Beetlings which charge at the player relentlessly. The Beetle Warriors prepare to attack by flapping their wings for a few moments before launching an all in charge! Not only that, but Beetle Warriors are clad in a hardened carapace which makes damaging these enemies all the more difficult. Defeating the Beetle Warriors will require more patience and timing than when fighting the Beetlings.

The Beetle Queen

The Beetle Queen behaves similarly to the Beetle Warrior. It prepares to attack by flapping it’s wings and then charges at the player. It’s clad in a hard carapace just like the warrior too. However there are two very unique differences that separate the Beetle Queen from the Beetle Warrior! First of all the Beetle Queen is several times larger than the Beetle Warrior which creates a much more opposing presence for the huntsman to handle! Secondly and most importantly inside the belly of the Queen is a large nest of Beetlings! Killing this queen or ripping out her sack will result in a group of newborn angry Beetlings charging your way!

The Beetle King

The Beetle King represents the most powerful and dominating force in the Beetle genome! While he behaves similarly to the Beetle Queen and Beetle Warrior, the Beetle King has evolved to wield massive claws which do it’s bidding. The Beetle King will change the way it attacks the player with it’s claws based on the position of the player relative to the Beetle King. Not only that but inside of it’s stomach lay dormant a nest of Beetlings! When the player gets too close to the Beetle King it will fire these Beetlings from it’s mouth in order to protect itself.

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