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Ahoy Space-Huntsman! We’re announcing new enemies of the Sandspewer genome – a genome of enemies that can be found in the Desert biome! The Sandspewer enemies draw inspiration from snakes, slugs, and insects! The Sandspewer genome consists of the Sandchawer, the Sandspewer, and the Sandwrither.

The Sandchawer

The Sandchawers charge at the player with their mouths wide open in an attempt to chomp on the player with their razor-sharp teeth. They pursue the player persistently while weaving vigorously and tearing through the environment. Dodging these enemies require a lot of skill as does ripping them apart with the harpoon.

The Sandspewer

Unlike the Sandchawers which attempt to bite the player, the Sandspewers circle the player while emitting a cone sand from the pores on it’s sides. In addition to dealing damage, the sand spewing out also stuns the player for a brief moment. The Sandspewer may be slower and smaller than it’s Sandchaw counterpart, but it’s multiple pores make for an unpredictable area of effect attack.

The Sandwrither

The Sandwrither circles the player consistently. Despite it being relatively slow, it’s massive body makes it difficult to avoid. Additionally, it’s two pairs of long pincers at it’s head and tail make his constant charge even more difficult to avoid – not to mention they block spears.

All of these enemies can dig through the environment without destroying it and only taking a minimal movement slow – making fighting them in closed areas quite dangerous.

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