Three New Desert Enemies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

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Ahoy Space-Huntsman! We’re announcing new enemies of the Erakno genome – a genome of enemies that can be found in the brand new Desert biome! The Erakno enemies draw inspiration from spiders – especially giant ones like in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy! The Erakno genome consists of the Erakno Spitter, the Erakno Trailer, and the Erakno Destroyer.

The Erakno Spitter

The quick and pesky Erakno Spitters represent the smallest of the Erakno genome. They pursue the player persistently while shooting a web projectile at the player periodically. In addition to dealing damage, the web also briefly stuns the player. Their headstrong attack patterns make for an aggressive enemy.

The Erakno Trailer

Unlike the Erakno Spitters, the Erakno Trailers circle the player leaving behind a trail of webs making it difficult for the player to escape a battle or pursue enemies. Like the web projectiles, the webs from the trail also stun the player. In addition to this web trail, the Erakno Trailer also periodically shoots a web projectile directly at the player – much like the Erakno Spitter.

The Erakno Destroyer

The Erakno Destroy circles the player much like the Erakno Trailer, but instead of leaving behind a web trail, it fires a barrage of web projectiles at the player every so often. The Erakno Destroyer is armed with ten cannons on each of it’s sides, making dodging this attack very difficult. In addition to these web cannons, it’s long, sweeping legs make getting too close a hazard to the player as well.

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  1. Hello developers of this game game was awesome continued to refine the game I love

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