The Top Four Features of Blacksea Odyssey

Ahoy, Spacehuntsman! We decided to write an article on our favorite four features of Blacksea Odyssey. You’ll hear us throw around the descriptors “top-down shoot ’em up” and “rogue-lite” quite a bit. Today we’re going to delve deep into what we consider the top four features that make our top-down shoot ’em up/rogue-lite so cool.

1. Rogue-like Elements

Blacksea Odyssey features rogue-like elements such as procedural level generation, permadeath, and a steep difficulty curve. These elements make the game highly replayable and very skill-based. The reason we’re so excited about mixing the omni-directional shooter and a rogue-lite genres is because we haven’t quite seen it done yet! So far it seems to yield a pretty novel rogue-lite gaming experience.

2. Massive Boss Battles

The bosses in Blacksea Odyssey range from half the screen size to several times larger than the screen – not to spoil anything ;) Each boss has numerous movement and attack patterns which combined yield a wholly unique and exciting encounter from boss to boss. The harpoon and ripping mechanics make for a dynamic combat experience since the bosses act differently as the player rips them apart using the harpoon.

Blacksea Odyssey

3. Expansive Customization System

The player can collect runes which modify either the spear or ship. Each rune adds a unique functionality to these. The player can equip four runes to each the spear and ship. This allows for mixing and matching runes to create interesting builds. There will be over 100,000 potential rune combinations. We modeled the rune system off of popular RPG titles such as Path of Exile and Diablo.

Blacksea Odyssey
Blacksea Odyssey

4. Harpoon Mechanic

While the spear serves as the player’s primary attack mechanism, the harpoon acts as more of a utility. It does much more than add to Blacksea Odyssey’s nautical theme of fishing in outer space. It significantly slows any enemy that the harpoon is attached to. It can also be used to rip off parts of the enemies. This deals an critical blow and permanently wounds the creature. Let’s not forget the harpoon is utterly crucial to defeating bosses!

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