Three New Crystal Drake Enemies!

Ahoy Space-Huntsman! We’re announcing new enemies of the Crystal Drake genome – the last genome of enemies that can be found in the Crystal biome! The Crystal Drake enemies draw inspiration from the oriental dragon – despite it not resembling it too strongly visually. The Crystal Drake genome consists of the Crystal Spitter, the Crystal Drake, and the Crystal Dragon.

The Crystal Spitter

The quick and pesky Crystal Spitters represent the smallest of the Crystal Drake genome. They move around the player stopping every so often to shoot a small burst of crystal projectiles at the player. After their attack, they flea. Their gorilla tactics make for a mischievous enemy.

The Crystal Drake

The Crystal Drake enemies are larger and slower than the Crystal Spitters. Despite being larger targets, they remain lethal due to their deadlier attack pattern. The Crystal Drake shoot a large spread of crystals as supposed to a small burst – making avoiding their attacks more difficult.

The Crystal Dragon

The Crystal Dragon is the largest and slowest of the Crystal Drake genome. However, these enemies have to power to destroy nearby environment in a matter of seconds – clearing a path to the player for all nearby enemies. It does so by firing a frost beam that both slows and damages the player. Even if the player can escape the massive beam, it can still force the player to become trapped by the environment or run right into other enemies.

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