Three New Puffer Enemies!

Ahoy Space-Huntsman! We’re announcing new enemies of the Puffer genome! The Puffer enemies draw inspiration from the puffer fish, but with some interesting twists. The Puffer genome consists of the Puffling, the Puffer, and the Frost Puffer.

The Puffling

The quick and sneaky Puffling respresent the smallest of the Puffer genome. They zig-zag around the player making them difficult to target. This also makes it harder to predict when they plan to attack. Their attack consists of puffing up like a balloon and damaging the player with their spikes.

The Puffer

While the Puffer enemies travel slower than their Puffling counterparts, their bodies can expand larger making them more dangerous. Additionally, they launch crystal projectiles upon expanding, making them a threat at a distance as well.

The Frost Puffer

The Frost Puffer is the largest and slowest of the Puffer genome. However, instead of spikes, they have large pores which emit a cone of frost after they expand. This frost slows the player in addition to causing damage. The frost also propels the Frost Puffer about chaotically, making it even harder to avoid.

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